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Early Modern English

Dictionary of the English language by Samuel Johnson (1768, 3rd edition) & 1792 edition

A Dictionary of The English Language
in which the Words are deduced from their Originals,
explained in their Different Meanings

Dictionary of the English language by Samuel Johnson & John Walker (1828 edition)

Preface of the first edition (1755)

Grammar of the English tongue by Samuel Johnson

Grammar, which is the art of using words properly, comprises four parts ;
Orthography, Etymology, Syntax and Prosody.

Grammar of the English tongue by Samuel Johnson (in English & translation in German)

The life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell

Table Alphabetically by Robert Crawdrey (1604): the first English dictionary (120 pages, 3 000 words)

Universal etymological English dictionary by Nathan Bailey (1756)

Glossary of Tudor and Stuart words, especially from the dramatists, by Walter Skeat & Anthony Mayhew (1914)

New light on some obscure words and phrases in the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, by Charles Mackay (1884)

Early Modern English language

A Shakespearian grammar, An attempt to illustrate some of the differences between Elizabethan and modern English, by Edwin Abbott (1877)

The comparison of adjectives in English (15th-18th century) by Louise Pound (1901)

On early English pronunciation with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer, by Alexander Ellis (1869) : I & II - III - IV - V

Shakespeare's pronunciation by Wilhelm Viëtor (1906) : I (A Shakespeare phonology & rime-index to the poems as a pronouncing vocabulary) & II (A Shakespeare reader)

John Hart's pronunciation of English (1569-1570) by Otto Jespersen (1907)

Texts & Literature

William Shakespeare: complete works

The age of Shakespeare (1579-1631) by Thomas Seccombe & John William Allen (1904) : I (Poetry & Prose) & II (Drama)

Elizabethan literature by John Mackinnon Robertson (1914)

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