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Concise Oxford dictionary of current English by Henry Watson Fowler & Francis George Fowler (1919)

Modern dictionary of the English language, MacMillan (1911)

The Century dictionary and cyclopedia (1901)

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& Century cyclopedia of names (1903)

or online search (1895)

Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language by James Stormonth (1881)

Webster's complete dictionary of the English language revised and improved by Chauncey Goodrich & Noah Porter (1886)

American dictionary of the English language by Noah Webster (1828)

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Primary-school pronouncing dictionary of the English language by Noah Webster & William Webster (1857)

Dictionary of English pronunciation by Harold Palmer, James Victor Martin, Francis Blandford (1926)

Everyday sentences in spoken English in phonetic transcription with intonation marks, for the use of foreign students, by Harold Palmer (1922)

A first course of English phonetics by Harold Palmer (1917)

Phonetic dictionary of the English language by Hermann Michaelis & Daniel Jones (1913)

Every-day pronunciation by Robert Palfrey Utter (~1918)

The pronunciation of English by Daniel Jones (1914)

The sounds of English, an introduction to phonetics, by Henry Sweet (1908)

A complete dictionary of synonyms and antonyms with an appendix embracing a dictionary of Briticisms, Americanisms, colloquial phrases, etc…, by Samuel Fallows (1898)

The rhymers' lexicon by Andrew Loring (1920)

Dictionary of English rhymes by James Colligan (1917)

The rhyming dictionary of the English language by John Walker (1914)

Compact rhyming dictionary by P.R. Bennett (~1910)

Modern English language

A high school English grammar by George Jones, Lewis Horning & John Morrow (1922)

Grammar of late modern English by Hendrik Poutsma (1914): I & II - III- IV - V

The characters of the English verb and the expanded form, by Hendrik Poutsma (1921)

The infinitive, the gerund and the participles of the English verb by Hendrik Poutsma (1923)

Groundwork of English grammar by James Welton (1920)

Grammar to use by William Lewis & Helen Lynch (~1918)

English grammar by Lillian Kimball (1912)

Manual of English grammar and composition by John Nesfield (1908)

English grammar, past and present, with appendices on prosody, synonyms, and other outlying subjects, by John Nesfield (1898)

English grammar by Charles Peter Mason (1877)

Texts & Literature

The eighteenth century by William Ker (1916)

The beginnings of the English romantic movement, a study in 18th century literature, by William Phelps (1893)

History of English romanticism in the 18th century, by Henry Beers (1899)

History of English romanticism in the 19th century, by Henry Beers (1918)

The French Revolution and the English novel by Allene Gregory (1915)

The French Revolution and English literature by Edward Dowden (1897)

The literature of the Victorian era by Hugh Walker (1921)

The Victorian age in literature by Gilbert Chesterton (1913)

The influence of Horace on the chief English poets of the 19th century, by Mary Rebecca Thayer (1916)

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