Kashmiri dictionary

Kashmiri کٲشُر कॉशुर

A Pronouncing dictionary of Kashmiri language by Sheeba Hassan (2010)

English-Kashmiri administrative terminology compiled by Omkar Koul, Roop Krishen Bhat, Brij Nath Betab (2010)

A Dictionary of Kāshmīrī language by George Grierson (1932)

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A Dictionary of Kashmiri proverbs by Omkar Koul (2012) (in Devanagari & Latin scripts)

A Dictionary of Kashmiri proverbs and sayings by James Hinton Knowles (1885) (in Latin script)

Studies in Kashmiri linguistics by Omkar Koul (2005)

Modes of greetings

Modes of address

Personal names

Naming of Kashmiri Pandits: gotras, surnames, nicknames

Kashmir language

Kashmiri keyboard to type a text with the Arabic characters

Devenagari keyboard

Koshur: introduction to spoken Kashmiri

Introduction to spoken Kashmiri: basic course, by Braj Kachru

Basic reader for Kashmiri language

studies about the Kashmiri language, by Omkar Koul & literary journal in Kashmiri

Kashmiri, a grammatical sketch

Spoken Kashmiri, a language course (2012)

Modern Kashmiri grammar (2006)

Studies in Kashmiri linguistics (2005)

The Kashmiri language and society

Annotated bibliography about the Kashmiri language, linguistics and culture (2000)

The pronunciation of Kashmiri, Kashmiri sounds: how to make them and how to transcribe them, by Thomas Grahame Bailey (1937)

The language of Kashmir

The Kashmiri belongs to the Dardic languages. The Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan. The language is called Kạ̄šur by its speakers (or Kạ̄šir zāban : Kashmir language)

The Kashmiri was writen with the Sharada (or Sharda, Śāradā) script, created around the 10th century. Nowadays, it's written with the Arabic script like in Urdu; sometimes the Devanagari script, like in Hindi, is used.

The Sharada script: origin and development, by Kaul Deambi

On the Śāradā alphabet by George Grierson, in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (1916)

The literary heritage of Kashmir by Krishan Lal Kalla (1985)

Dardic languages: Khowar - Torwali

Hindi & Urdu

Kashmir - India - Pakistan: maps & documents

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