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MalayalamFont: English-Malayalam dictionary

English-Malayalam dictionary by Tobias Zacharias (1907)

A Malayalam and English dictionary by Hermann Gundert (1872)

School-dictionary, English and Malayalam (1870)

A dictionary of high and colloquial Malayalim and English by Benjamin Bailey (1846)

Indo-Aryan loan-words in Malayāḷam by Kilimanoor Godavarma (1946)

The first list of Malayalam words at the end of 15th century by a Portuguese seaman, by Gonçalo Fernandes, in Boletim do museu paraense Emílio Goeldi (2016)

Malayalam language

Malayalam keyboard to type a text with the Malayalam characters

The evolution of Malayalam morphology by Rāmasvāmi Ayyar (1936)

A progressive grammar of Malayalam language for Europeans, by Leonhard Johannes Frohnmeyer (1913)

A grammar of the Malayalim language, as spoken in the principalities of Travancore and Cochin, and the districts of North and South Malabar, by Joseph Peet (1841)

Grammar of the Malabar language by Robert Drummond (1799)

Grammar of the Malayalam by Gottfried Weigle (manuscript, 19th)

Valiya pāṭhāraṃbhaṃ, Malayalam spelling and reading book (1871)

Malayāḷa vyākaraṇa saṃgrahaṃ, the essentials of Malayalam grammar, by Liston Garthwaite (1903)

Bālavyākaraṇam, elementary lessons in Malayalam grammar for primary schools in Malabar, by Muliyil Krishnan & M. Seshagiri Prabhu (1909) + 1903 edition

Vyākaraṇamitram for middle schools in Malabar (1904)

books & papers about the Malayalam language: Universität Tübingen | Google livres | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

The Malayalam is a Dravidian language, like the Tamil. It's spoken in the state of Kerala, in southern India.

The oldest inscriptions on the western coast are in ancient Tamil. Malayalam gradually separated from Tamil, under the influence of Sanskrit.


Archives de la parole: stories in Malayalam, Parable of the Prodigal Son in several dialects (1922)

Texts & Literature

LyrikLine: poems in Malayalam, with translation (+ audio)

Malayalam folksongs (pattu-kal) of the Cochini, Jewish Community of Kerala, in India and in Israel: "Women sing, men listen", by Martine Chemana, in Bulletin du Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem (2002)

First Malayalam-English translator: Malayalam text & translation into English (1870)

A Malayalam catechism of physics with a repertory in English, by Leonhard Johannes Frohnmeyer (1883)

The Malayalam reader, a selection of original papers, by Charles Collett (1856)

Malayalam selections with translations, grammatical analyses and vocabulary, by Alexander Arbuthnot (1851)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

മനുഷ്യരെല്ലാവരും തുല്യാവകാശങ്ങളോടും അന്തസ്സോടും സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യത്തോടുംകൂടി ജനിച്ചിട്ടുള്ളവരാണ്‌.
അന്യോന്യം ഭ്രാതൃഭാവത്തോടെ പെരുമാറുവാനാണ്‌ മനുഷ്യന്നു വിവേകബുദ്ധിയും മനസ്സാക്ഷിയും സിദ്ധമായിരിക്കുന്നത്‌.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: text in Malayalam (+ audio)

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