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Andhrabharati: English-Telugu dictionaries

TamilCube: English-Telugu dictionary

Dictionary English-Telugu by B. Govinda Naidu (1998) online

Goethe-Verlag: Telugu-English common phrases & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

Vāviḷla nighaṇṭuvu వావిళ్ల నిఘంటువు Telugu dictionary (1949): I & II - III

English-Telugu dictionary by Patrika Padakosam (2004)

Telugu-English dictionary by John Gwynn (1991)

Little master's English-Telugu dictionary by S. K. Venkatacharyulu (1992)

Telugu dictionary by Arthur Galletti di Cadilhac (1935)

Glossary of scientific terms in Telugu (1936)

Telugu-English dictionary by Charles Philip Brown (1903)

Dictionary of the mixed dialects and foreign words used in Telugu (1857)

English-Telugu dictionary by Paluri Sankaranarayana (1900)

Telugu-English dictionary

Anglo-Telugu dictionary by Peter Percival (1861) Latin & Telugu characters

Dictionary of the Teloogoo language commonly termed the Gentoo, by Alexander Duncan Campbell (1848)

Collection of telugu proverbs (1868)

Le vocabulaire de parenté telugu (kinship vocabulary) by Olivier Bossé, in L'Homme (1983) (Latin script)

Telugu language

Telugu keyboard to type a text with the Telugu script

A grammar of modern Telugu by Bhadriraju Krishnamurti & John Gwynn (1985) NEW

A primer in Telugu characters by Edward Hill (1991)

Historical and linguistic relation between Telugu and Pali by Upender Rao (2011)

Progressive grammar of the Telugu language by Albert Henry Arden (1905)

Companion Telugu reader: by Albert Henry Arden (1879)

Grammar of the Telugu language by Charles Philip Brown (1857)

Dialogues in Telugu and English with a grammatical analysis (1853)

The Telugu primer for the use of those who wish to study the Telugu language, by Adacki Sooba Row (1851)

Grammar of the Teloogoo language commonly termed the Gentoo, by Alexander Duncan Campbell (1849)

Teloogoo selections with translations and grammatical analyses, by John Carnac Morris (1823)

Grammar of the Gentoo language, as it is understood and spoken by the Gentoo people, residing north and north-westward of Madras, by William Brown (1817)

Grammar of the Telinga language by William Carey (1814)

Conspectus litteraturæ telugicæ, vulgo warugicæ, by Benjamin Schultze (1745)

Grammaire pour apprendre la langue talenga, dite vulgairement le badega, by Pierre de La Lane, manuscript (18th)

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Telugu area

The Telugu is a Dravidian language, like the Kannada and the Tamil. It's spoken in South-East India, in Āndhra Pradesh and the new state of Telangana, created in 2014 (North).

On the etymology of Sanskrit Āndhra by Stephan Levitt, in Indologica taurinensia (2015)


Parable of the prodigal son in several Telugu dialects (1922)

Texts & Literature

The making of Telugu language and literature: translation as negotiation, by T. Vijay Kumar, in Translation Today (2016)

Telugu literature by Poolla Tirupati Raju (1944)

L'œuvre en télugu de Benjamin Schultze (German Protestant missionary of the 18th century) by Gérald Duverdier, in Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient (1976)

The New Testament translated into Telugu (1860)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ప్రతిపత్తిస్వత్వముల విషయమున మానవులెల్లరును జన్మతః స్వతంత్రులును సమానులును నగుదురు.
వారు వివేచన-అంతఃకరణ సంపన్నులగుటచే పరస్పరము భ్రాతృభావముతో వర్తింపవలయును.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: translation into Telugu (+ audio)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Telugu, English & other languages

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