An English dictionary of Runic inscriptions of the Younger Futhark (University of Notthingham)

Runen-Sprach-Schatz oder Wörterbuch über die ältesten Sprachdenkmale Skandinaviens, by Udo Waldemar Dieterich (1844)


Futhark keyboard to type the runes of the younger Futhark script

Elder Futhark keyboard

Origins of runic writing: a comparison of theories, by Theo Vennemann, in The linguistic roots of Europe (2015)

Runes in the 1st century by Bernard Mees, in Runes and their secrets (2006)

La connaissance des runes dans l'Islande ancienne, by François-Xavier Dillmann, in Comptes rendus des séances de l'Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres (2009)

Kensington ou Tintin au pays des runologues, by Christophe Bord, in Caliban (2015)

studies about the runes, by Tineke Looijenga

Texts and contexts of the oldest runic inscriptions (2003)

Runes around the north sea and on the continent (-150-700) by Nagy Mátyás (1997)

Gotlandic picture stones as sources for runology and the history of Scandinavian languages, by Magnus Källström, in Gotland's picture stones, beares of an enigmatic legacy (2012)

Orality, Germanic literacy and Runic inscriptions in Anglo-Saxon by James Daly, in Materialidades da literatura (2017)

The book of runes, a handbook for the use of an ancient oracle: the Viking runes, by Ralph Blum (1987) online

Essai sur l'origine des runes by Édélestand du Méril (1844)

The etymology of rune by Bernard Mees, in Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache und Literatur (2014)

Runic inscriptions

Danske Runeindskrifter: Runic incriptions in Denmark

Jellingprojektet: Jelling stones (Denmark)

Handbook of the Old-Northern Runic monuments of Scandinavia and England, by George Stephens (1884)

The Old-Northern Runic monuments of Scandinavia and England (1866): I & II - III

Texts & Literature

Runic and heroic poems of the old Teutonic peoples, by Bruce Dickins (1915)

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