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A Yiddish cultural dictionary for the 21st century, by Dovid Katz

University of Kentucky: Yiddish-English dictionary (Latin characters) Yiddish-English & French dictionary online

Speaking of Yiddish: some Yiddish words used in English, by Hugh Rawson (2013): I & II

Groyser verterbukh fun der Yidisher shprakh: Great dictionary of the Yiddish language, by Yehudah Yofe & Mark Yudel (1961): I & II - III - IV

Yiddish-English dictionary & English-Yiddish, by Uriel Weinreich (1968)

Yiddish-English-Hebrew Dictionary by Alexander Harkavy (1928)

English-Yiddish Dictionary & Yiddish-English + another version (1910)

English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary by Paul Abelson (1915)

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Sieben Sprachen Wörterbuch: Deutsch-Polnisch-Russisch-Weißruthenisch-Litauisch-Lettisch-Jiddisch (German-Polish-Russian-Belarusian-Lithuanian-Latvian-Yiddish dictionary), edited by the Oberbefehlshaber Ost (Supreme Commander of all German Forces in the East) (1918)

Русско-еврейский (идиш) словарь: Russian-Yiddish dictionary (1984)

Lessons in conversational Yiddish (1967)

Yidisher gramen-leksikon: Yiddish rhyming lexicon, by Nahum Stutchkoff (1931)

Shemot Devarim: Old Yiddish-Hebrew-Latin-German glossary (1542)

Affective borrowing from Yiddish in colloquial American English by Jacob Ornstein-Galicia, in Meta, journal des traducteurs (1992)

Loan words in the English of Modern Orthodox Jews: Yiddish or Hebrew? by Sarah Benor (2000)

Yiddish loanwords in Dutch by Jenia Gutova (2010)

Yiddish language

Yiddish keyboard to type a text with Hebrew script

Yiddish conversion: Hebrew > Latin script

Yiddish Book Center: learn the Yiddish script

Alef Beys: Yiddish alphabet illustrated (for children)

JiddischKurs: Yiddish course & vocabulary

Yiddish irregular verbs

Yiddish, in Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

Jidisch: Yiddish, by Andrea Fiedermutz, in Wieser Enzyklopädie des europäischen Ostens (2002)

Yiddish and relation to the German dialects by Bryan Witmore, master thesis (2016)

studies about the Yiddish language, by Alexander Beider

Reapplying the language tree model to the history of Yiddish, in Journal of Jewish languages (2013)

Romance elements in Yiddish, in Études juives (2014)

Unity of the German component of Yiddish: myth or reality? (2014)

Yiddish proto-vowels and German dialects, in Journal of Germanic linguistics (2010)

Eastern Yiddish toponyms of German origin (2012)

On negation, indefinites and negative indefinites in Yiddish, by Johan van der Auwera & Paul Gybels (2010)

Leket, yidishe shtudyes haynt, Jiddistik heute, Yiddish studies today

studies about the Yiddish language, by Dovid Katz

Grammar of the Yiddish language [PDF] (1987)

Dialects of the Yiddish language [PDF] (1986)

Zur Dialektologie der Jiddischen (1983)

Lítvish, an Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish

The Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish: on the status of maps in linguistic research, with Giedrė Beconytė, in Geodesy and Cartography (2011) NEW

studies about the Old Yiddish, by Jean Baumgarten

The representation of the body in some Old Yiddish ethical texts by Jean Baumgarten, in Zutot (2011)

Manual and grammar of the Yiddish language by Jacob Mazin (1927)

Praktishe gramatik fun der yidisher shprakh: practical Yiddish grammar, by Falk Heilperin (Halperin) & Max Weinreich (1928) : I & II

Gramatik fun der yidisher shprakh: Yiddish grammar, by Zalman Rejzen (1920)

books & studies about the Yiddish language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

Texts & Literature

Yiddish book center: digital Yiddish library

Yiddish books

Yiddish audiobooks

Palmm: Yiddish children books

Goethe Universität, Frankfurt: Online Yiddish books

Mendele  מענדעלע  online journal about the Yiddish language and literature

The meaning of Yiddish by Benjamin Harshav (1990)

American Yiddish poetry, a bilingual anthology, by Benjamin & Barbara Harshav (1986)

The history of Yiddish literature in the nineteenth century, by Leo Wiener (1899)

studies about the Yiddish literature, by Jean Baumgarten

Yiddish ethical texts and the diffusion of the Kabbalah in the 17th and 18th centuries, in Bulletin du Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem (2007)

Rosinkess mit Mandlen: stories, proverbs, by Immanuel Olsvanger (1920) (in Latin script)

Contentions with God, a study in Jewish folklore, collected by Immanuel Olsvanger (1921)

Torah, Neviim, u-Khetuvim: The Hebrew Bible with the translation into Yiddish, by Yehoyesh (1927)

Toyre, Neivim, Uksuvim: translation into Yiddish, by Yehoyesh (1927): I & II

Sefer Torah Nevi'im u-Khetuvim, dos izt di gantse heyylige Shrift: translation of the Bible into Yiddish, by Mortkhe Shmuel Bergmann (1904)

Ha-berit ha-Hadashah, das Naye Testament fun dem Mashiah: translation of the New Testament into Yiddish (1912)

The New Testament: translation into Yiddish, by Henry Einspruch, revised by Eric Gabe (1994)

The New Testament translated into Yiddish

Lithuanian Yiddish Bible: translation of books of the Ancient Testament, by Dovid Katz (work in progress)

The New Testament in Yiddish: the history of the translations of the New Testament in Yiddish, by Leonard Prager, in Mendele (1994)

Mirkevet ha-Mishneh: glossary and Bible concordance (1534) it's the first Yiddish book printed

Minhagim מנהגים A Book of Customs by Shimon Guenzburg (Venice, 1593)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
יעדער מענטש װערט געבױרן פֿרײַ און גלײַך אין כּבֿוד און רעכט.
יעדער װערט באַשאָנקן מיט פֿאַרשטאַנד און געװיסן; יעדער זאָל זיך פֿירן מיט אַ צװײטן אין אַ געמיט פֿון ברודערשאַפֿט.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights אַלװעלטלעכע דעקלאַראַציע פֿון מענטשנרעכט translation into Yiddish (+ audio)

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights: in Yiddish, Hebrew, English & other languages

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